BeatMix Announce

Engage with your customers, increase brand awareness and generate new revenue streams with audio advertising.

Don’t miss a chance to engage and express your brand’s voice when customers are present. With BeatMix Announce, incorporate a well designed and laser focused targeted messaging strategy to your business today and reap the rewards.

Create your own branded in-store radio channels.

Welcome customers, clients or guests.

Promote special offers and events.

Invite customers to like your social media channles.

How it Works.


Meet with our team and create a brief for your BeatMix Announce content.


Our expert in-house designer crafts your script and engages with leading voice talent to record your bespoke content.

Approve & Upload

We’ll send all drafts to you for approval. Once you’re happy we’ll upload the conent to your channel and set the frequency/timing of each advert.

Voice Talent & Messaging Samples.

BeatMix works with a selected group of market leading voice talent across the UK & Ireland to provide high quality content for our BeatMix Announce service.

We have access to an extensive catalogue of voice actors. We’ll find the best voice to represent your brand.

If you are a Voiceover artist and would like to work with us please contact us here.

In-Store Radio Samples

Sample Covid announcements

 Get in Touch

Please do get in touch. We want to give your brand the soundtrack it deserves.
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