Bringing background

to the fore.

BeatMix DJ takes your atmosphere to the next level with our unique AI-powered DJ mixing functionality, ensuring razor-sharp mixing and a constant flow in tempo. 

This offers a unique solution that allows venues to maintain a live atmosphere at a fraction of the cost of regular live entertainment. With budget cutbacks and government restrictions on live performances BeatMix DJ offers a viable alternative.

live music
Beatmix Dj mixing background music live

Live DJ Mixing.

We are the only music service to accurately replicate a live DJ experience. Our custom built software builds sets and mixes songs in a seamless manner – just like a pro DJ would. 

Unlike a lot of our competitors we don’t let a computer curate the music – we pick it ourselves. With over 20 years combined professional DJ experience under our belts we know what works, when to play it and to who it is suited.

Supercharge your atmosphere.

Setlists are created live, based around unique metrics to your business. These setlists are designed to create, maintain or build atmosphere depending on the time of day or business phase.

bar background music
Selecting the right background music from song library

Intelligent song selection.

Most popular streaming services have limited shuffle/randomise functions and hearing songs in the same order day after day is a common complaint. We utilitise AI within our shuffle function to ensure you never hear a playlist in the same order – ever.

Adaptable for any setting.

BeatMix DJ can be utilised in a variety of settings. From leading the DJ style vibes in a Bar to driving an upbeat high energy selection for a gym – we’ve got you covered.

gym music

For more information or to upgrade your current BeatMix system please get in touch.