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Christmas Music Styles

How to find the right ‘’ Decks’’ for the halls with boughs of Holly;
Finding the right kind of Christmas music in bringing the holiday spirit to life should be in line with your brand and customer – keep in mind that by playing the wrong tracks can interfere with your brand image.

Beatmix has a wide range of different styles of Christmas music to suit any venue. From Modern/Soulful/Classic Hits/Hollywood/Jazz we’ve got it all.
We specialise in choosing the right type of Christmas music to suit any time of the day. The energy and tempo of the Christmas music needs to fit with the atmosphere you are trying to create. Click here to read our previous blog on how to choose the right type of music for the atmosphere and behaviour you want to generate from the customer.

Arrangement of Christmas Music
Our algorithm chooses songs based on energy level, tempo and genre matching the song before and after into a seamless flow of energy from start to finish. This allows us to space out the Christmas music to whatever frequency we need. For example, 1 Christmas song to further 5 songs in a seamless manner.
Starting from the mutually agreed date, we increase the frequency of Christmas tracks in a strategic way in the lead up to Christmas.

To give you an idea…

November 20th to 31st – 1 in 8 

December 1st  to 10th –  1 in 5

December 10th to 15th – 1 in 3

December 16th to 20th – 1 in 2

December 20th to 24th – Every song

This creates a better environment not only for your clients but also your staff. Hearing a few Christmas jingles evokes a festive mood for your customers however it can demotivate staff hearing the same songs over and over while losing its festive spirit. 

Music is one of the biggest complaints from staff around this time of year. Hearing the same music on repeat all day every day, in the same order for almost two months can be mind-numbing. So therefore our complex algorithm ensures that the same song order will never be heard twice.

We prioritise organising Christmas music in the above ways which reduces the repetitive and predictive nature of the playlist. Significantly  it leads to a better overall working environment for and staff and can lead to an increase in sales.

‘’Let it Snow’’ no more

Investing in music from the get go will support your brand and sales long term. Here at Beatmix we go one step further and use the song energy and tempo as well as genre in providing you with the best Christmas cheer. Get your free trial with us now!

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