Gyms & Leisure Centres

Push the Tempo.

Music is a powerful tool within a gym environment. It can improve performance, increase motivation and promote a welcoming but productive atmosphere.

Speed, energy and tempo of songs can determine the intensity at which people can exercise, which means having the correct music playing in the correct area of your gym is vital. BeatMix can help boost your gym environment to new levels with its smart technology and expert music curation.

Why BeatMix.

Bespoke Scheduling

We curate the best music for your customers depending on trading patterns. Music will need to be different to cater for older/younger clientele depending on trends of usage. BeatMix keeps your customers happy and content with smart programming and scheduling

Full Venue Solution

Not all areas of the gym need the same music or energy. Locker rooms and entrance lobbies may require more chilled low tempo music while gym floors can be targeted with high energy dance music. With BeatMix we can divide your gym into zones and provide specific music for those areas.

Mix Like a Pro

The only music management service that offers a live mixing experience. Using our revolutionary technology we ensure flawless mixing and a constant flow of energy & tempo to your customers. No more dodgy fading or pauses between tracks. See BeatMix Dj for more details.

Boost your brand

Reinforce your brand through your own custom gym radio channel with branded radio liners scheduled to play throughout the day. Integration with our BeatMix Announce feature allows you to pre-program recorded announcements for class times and integrate countdowns and timers to your music – all done within our easy to use app. For more details and samples see BeatMix Announce

Central Control

Maintain full control via our purpose built manager app. Print reports, request changes to scheduling, playlists & much more.

Reduce staff interference and allow a consistent soundtrack to your business.

Client Case Study.

Swan Leisure, Rathmines

Swan Leisure Centre is a community-focused leisure centre based in Rathmines, Dublin. Their aim is to create a welcoming and inclusive fitness environment catering from young to old.

BeatMix created a music profile to best suit their broad clientele. Every song was chosen with tempo (BPM-beats per minute) and energy in mind. Through consultation, we mapped out the different age groups that frequented the gym floor throughout the week. We found that mid-mornings tended to be older and the average gym user age gradually got younger as the day progressed to afternoon and evening. Through our scheduling functionality, we were able to curate and program the right mix of music styles and genres to connect with the associated age demographics at those times.

Swan leisure centre swimming pool