BeatMix is your brand DJ

championing your brand with the perfect soundtrack for your business

When music is key to your customers experience, it is a core part of your brand image. At BeatMix we understand how essential it is to get that right everytime.
We work with you to fully understand your business, your brand and, most importantly, your target audience.Only then do we start to build the music channels, specifc to your requirements, which will provide the soundtrack for your brand.
Your music channels will continually evolve and grow inline with your business.

Who uses BeatMix

BeatMix is wherever music matters: hotels, bars, restaurants, hair & beauty salons, gyms and retail stores. We also provide customised music channels for events and conferences.

Get in Touch

We are never happier than when talking about music. So please do get in touch. We want to hear about your favourite tunes and your lest favourite. We want to know what music means to you and to your business. We want to give your brand the sountrack it deserves.

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