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Bespoke Music for

your Brand.

From convenient burrito bars and traditional pubs to slick cocktail lounges and elaborate Michelin starred restaurants – the perfect soundtrack is a key component of every hospitality experience. 

Studies show the correct music choices have multiple effects upon customers. Upbeat music makes waiting and queueing seem shorter while calmer music relaxes customers subtly causing them to prolong their visit by ordering dessert, an aperitif or that extra glass of wine.

Why BeatMix.

Industry Experience

Our team of music experts will choose the right music for the correct area of the business i.e. lounge, restaurant, bar. We’re out there on the ground every week, so we know exactly what works in any given situation.

Bespoke Playlist Scheduling

We schedule your music to change automatically and flow seamlessly between the different phases of business throughout the day/week. Its straightforward and easy to use, so you can focus on the customers. 

Supercharge the Atmosphere

Retain your customers til the early hours with a live DJ experience with BeatMix DJ. Take your atmosphere to the next level with our unique AI-powered DJ mixing functionality, ensuring razor-sharp mixing and a constant flow in tempo

Complete Control

An addition to the weekly schedule, specific playlists are curated for events or unexpected busy nights to give you control to boost atmosphere or change up the mood in an instant. We limit staff access to make sure your sound is always on brand.

Central Control

Maintain full centralised control, of single or multiple venue via our purpose built manager app. Print reports, request changes to scheduling, playlists & much more.

Reduce staff interference and allow a consistent soundtrack to your business.

Case Studies.

Brick Lane, Cork

One of Cork’s busiest bars with a passion for music, food, drink & fun. Cool & quirky interiors are the backbone of this popular late bar/gastropub. Brick Lane by day is a busy restaurant serving breakfast, brunch and lunch and by night it is a bustling energetic late bar serving some of Cork’s best cocktails and drinks alongside a fantastic mix of music provided by their resident DJs. BeatMix was tasked with maintaining this stellar reputation for music that Brick Lane is known for and we were only too happy to assist. 

During the day classic soul, disco and funk mixed with golden era hip hop create a cool relaxed atmosphere. As the evening progresses, modern disco house, ’70s and ’80s electronic disco with a sprinkling of modern hip hop form the selection. On weekends BeatMix DJ helps to set the tone and atmosphere before resident DJs take over and play till late.

brick lane bar in cork city

Elephant & Castle

Founded in NYC in 1973 by George Schwartz, Elephant and Castle became a cult classic in the Big Apple before expanding further afield. A random trip to Dublin in the 1980s George and his wife wandered upon and fell in love with the Temple Bar and soon after in 1989 their Dublin branch opened. 

Over the past 30 years, the restaurant has become a firm favourite in Dublin City Centre with a reputation for fantastic food and an amazing atmosphere. 2018 brought an exciting expansion with 5 more locations opened across Dublin country and Cork city.

When it comes to music styles and genres Elephant and Castle are not bound by constraints. The brief is for good music with an alternative funky edge. The collection boasts an eclectic mix of Indie, new wave, soul, disco, synth-pop, breakbeats and nu-funk with a sprinkling of reggae. Extensive work was undertaken to schedule this diverse collection into the right format to cover their distinct phases of business. Lunch, afternoon, midweek evening/dinner, weekend evening/dinner.  

With such a broad range in music styles, creating a continuous flow in energy and style from song to song was crucial to making this collection work. Using BeatMix’s innovative software and curating abilities we were able to tell a story about their brand in a coherent nature from the moment you enter until you leave.

elephant and castle at the mayson hotel dublin