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Music is the answer.

The science of good background music is frequently overlooked. It’s part of the full sensory experience from the moment the customer enters the premises. When correctly applied, research has shown it can increase customer spending and create a positive connection with your brand.

Like any aspect of the branding experience, incorrect music styles and poor song choice will negatively affect the venue’s atmosphere reducing the time and money a customer is willing to spend there.
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BeatMix empowers you to…

Tell your brands story

Creating the perfect music collection for your business and brand requires more than good taste and a great ear for music. Consistent updates and management of the collection takes time and effort in order to keep the sound fresh and engaging. BeatMix specialises in taking care of this for you.

We offer a consultancy service to help define and communicate what your brand is about. Our team develops your unique music profile by delving deep into everything about your brand and business. We’ll analyse everything from your customer demographics and footfall at specific times of the week to the heritage and history of your business. Every song is hand-picked to create a connection with the customer and your brand.


Our curation team lives music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve worked in the industry for a combined 30+years so we know what makes people tick. Using our experience combined with measurable data, we manage and update your collection, so it’s always sounding fresh and on-trend.

Selecting the right background music from song library
Creating a playlist schedule for businesses

Drive your business through effective scheduling

Throughout the week the music not only needs to match your brand, it also needs to be adjusted to reflect the time, day, customer demographics, footfall and trading patterns. The research shows that music tempo and style, used in the right way, can change our mood, behaviour and enhance our experience in a venue. Relying on staff and management (however brilliant) to monitor and control this effectively 24/7 is a lot to ask. It consumes time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere (i.e the customer).


BeatMix takes the stress out of playlist selection by creating a music schedule to match your business’s needs. We program a full week to run and change automatically to match the levels of expected business at specific times so your staff can concentrate on more important things. All you have to do is press play. A digital solution for the digital era.

Control your content

One of the biggest pitfalls about personal streaming services in a commercial setting is the lack of control. Giving staff access to control platforms with free reign can be a disaster from a branding perspective. Unsupervised access will ensure that more often than not the music will not suit one or more of the criteria required to be effective. 

We pick the music and our app limits any external influences on selections. In addition to the weekly schedule, specific pre-approved channels are provided. These are curated for events or unexpected busy nights to give you control to boost the atmosphere or change up the mood in an instant. Access to additional channels can be limited to specific staff members through our management control centre.

Purpose-built technology

Our proprietary technology is designed specifically for this purpose. 10 years of development has shown us exactly what features are needed for the perfect commercial background music system. To compliment our premium service we have some powerful tools that will take your business to the next level.

Using data to curate a good background music profile

BeatMix DJ

BeatMix DJ takes your atmosphere to the next level with our unique AI-powered DJ mixing functionality, ensuring razor-sharp mixing and a constant flow in tempo.

BeatMix Announce

BeatMix Announce allows you to implement targeted and specific audio advertising or safety announcements seamlessly within the app. Target your customers in new ways and encourage new brand engagement.

Central management control.

Our central management control centre not only gives you control, but also a wide range of useful performance data. In this digital era, data and reporting are more important than ever. Used effectively they can give insights into performance metrics to help influence future changes. With the BeatMix management app you can: 

Remove songs in real time

Print reports on library updates

Request changes to scheduling

Review songs played at any time

Change playing channel in real time to boost the atmosphere

Monitor and control multiple venues

View update scheduling/pending updates and visualisations of your music profile

Who uses BeatMix.

BeatMix is wherever music matters: hotels, bars, restaurants, hair & beauty salons, gyms and retail stores. We also provide customised music channels for events and conferences.