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The Perfect Atmosphere

At BeatMix, we pride ourselves on being instore music specialists and creating music solutions to suit a wide range of retail experiences.

A fully managed music solution with automatic updates to keep your business sounding fresh and on trend too. We supply the software, device and support – all you have to do is press play.


Curating the full experience.

The correct music selection enhances the atmosphere and engages customers which leads to increased browsing time and purchases.

Specific scheduling to alter the music based on trading patterns. Meet the after work rush with an uplifting energetic mix or ease into the late night shopping with some smoother more chilled out vibes. Staff can focus on each customer interaction without having to worry about changing music or playlists.

Branded radio solutions to help take your brand to the next level of engagement and interactivity. A seamless integration of announcements, ads and music.

For more information see BeatMix Announce.

Beatmix retail background music

Central Control

Maintain full control via our purpose built manager app. Print reports, request changes to scheduling, playlists & much more.

Reduce staff interference and allow a consistent soundtrack to your business.

Case Study.

Diesel Ireland

A contemporary clothing brand at the forefront of casual Irish fashion. Diesel has 18 stores across Ireland and a thriving e-commerce division. Diesel is a cool modern brand that required a music collection that not only represented their brand, but was specific to the region of individual stores. Like their clothing, the Diesel music collection follows modern trends always changing and evolving to keep them at the forefront of their industry.

Through our initial consultation, we identified peak and off-peak hours and the key customer demographics that Diesel wanted to focus on. Working alongside brand manager, Luke Murphy, we created a music library that ticked all the right boxes for both brand image and customer demographics. Modern Disco House/electronica/house/techno with a commercial edge.

Diesel also utilised BeatMix Announce to create their own branded in-store radio station. They picked the voice that they felt best represented their brand. BeatMix Announce implemented in-store adverts to promote their website, latest clothing offers and online shopping discount codes. Being able to deliver messages regarding their COVID-19 safety messaging gave shoppers great peace of mind while shopping.

Beatmix at Diesel Ireland