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The Perfect Atmosphere

A salon is far more than just a haircut or beauty treatment. Customers want to look good but they also want to feel good. Friendships form between stylist and client over time and it is an important social interaction.

The right music can vastly enhance the customers experience of your salon.

BeatMix gives you.

Bespoke Music Collection

Upgrade your salon atmosphere with a music profile that accurately portrays your brand and services. Develop your signature sound and hear new playlists every day with BeatMix.

In-Store Branded


Utilise BeatMix Announce to advertise to your customers, advise of wait times or announce special/seasonal offers. Create your own branded radio station with custom liners playing to reinforce your brand throughout the day. Click here for samples and more info.

Bespoke Scheduling

Expert curation combined with our cutting edge technology allow the BeatMix team to schedule music to suit your client demographic.

Let us take the stress out of changing music throughout the day with our smart scheduling & regular updates – your staff will never tire of the music selection with BeatMix.

Central Control

Maintain full centralised control, of single or multiple venue via our purpose built manager app. Print reports, request changes to scheduling, playlists & much more.

Reduce staff interference and allow a consistent soundtrack to your business.

Client Case Study.

Studio 26, Portlaoise

Situated on the main street in Portlaoise town, Studio Twenty Six is a thriving new salon. Already well known for their award-winning owner and stylists, they’re at the forefront of hair fashion and new trends. The interior is a modern and contemporary design that has five operational booths for stylists to work from.

It’s a compact social environment that allows customers and staff to interact and creates a warm welcoming atmosphere.

The music collection needed to cater for all ages but keep in line with the brand. Flashes of throwback hits were a stable but it all still needed to feel modern, current and cutting edge. The brand has utilised tools like BeatMix Announce to create their personal in-store radio brand, giving them the edge in a competitive market.

Studio 26 salon Portlaoise Ireland