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Music is the answer…

The science of good background music is frequently overlooked. It’s part of the full sensory experience from the moment the customer enters the premises. Like any aspect of the branding experience, incorrect music styles and poor song choice will negatively affect the venue’s atmosphere reducing the time and money a customer is willing to spend there.


Our mission is to complete your customer’s brand experience by subconsciously linking their time at your venue with a positive feeling about the atmosphere.
We work with you to help us understand your brand identity and then create a suitable music collection to compliment this. Based on expected levels of business throughout a working week we organise this collection into a schedule to match the different moods required at different times.
We supply and install the software and media player device which connects to your PA system and internet.


All you have to do is press play!

What we can do for you…

Fully managed background music service

Let us take the stress out of your background music. We’ll build and manage a full music profile for your business, maintaining and adjusting it to ensure its a consistent asset for your brand.

Brand specific music catalogue

We have access to one of the biggest music catalogues in the business, but every song that is chosen for your library is hand-picked to ensure it creates a connection with your brand

Always the right music at the right time

Using different songs tempos and styles, we build up a full weekly schedule to match your level of business at all times, guaranteeing the right atmosphere 24/7

Scheduled adverts promote your products and services

Our in-house production team create professional audio adverts for your customised music channel. Communicate with your customers, promote your services and boost revenue.

Consistent flow in energy and tempo

Every song in your library is categorized using Beatmix’s unique rating system. Each day your playlists are randomly generated using these rules to ensure a consistent flow and progression in energy

Bringing background to the fore.

BEATMIX DJ offers a unique solution to venues which will allow them to maintain the live atmosphere in their venue at a fraction of the cost.

Who uses BeatMix…

Beatmix is wherever music matters: hotels, bars, restaurants, hair & beauty salons, gyms and retail stores. We also provide customised music channels for events and conferences.



We’re there in the background from the moment a customer enters your lobby. Music sets the tone for each environment and needs to reflect the mood at that time of day.  We’re got all your different zones covered creating a unique coherent brand experience throughout of the Hotel.


Let us enhance the customer experience through the different levels of business in a day. From breakfasts and brunches up to an evening service. Each one should cater to a different experience and always tie into the overall brand theme.
Bars & Pubs

Bars & Pubs

The soundtrack for a Bar must be carefully chosen. It must not only fit with the decor and customer demographic, the music should also be able to match and transition between the different phases of business. From a day or evening food service right up to a late-night weekend party atmosphere, We specialize in creating the seamless flow in energy from start to finish.
Salons & Barbers

Salons & Barbers

Let us create the perfect soundtrack to energize your staff and keep your customers content while they sit and wait to be served. We will design your music atmosphere on various criteria including age demographic as we ensure the right music is playing at the right time of the day.


Studies show that utilizing energy levels in music at key times can alter how the customer spends their money. Having the right soundtrack playing completes your brand experience and can drive sales.


Consistency in energy and quality is the key. Speaking to our customers we’ve found that when the music isn’t right on the gym floor they notice a huge drop in the atmosphere and an increase in members wearing headphones. Let us create the perfect soundtrack with your own custom library dedicated to your specific client base.

Why choose us…

  • Experience

    Our vast experience working in the music industry means we have a unique understanding of music and its relationship with the atmosphere

  • Control

    Remove any inappropriate input from staff members. If needed only pre-approved selections will be available.

  • Cost effective

    We’ve removed the unnecessary software and expensive outdated hardware to deliver a high quality streamlined service with only the key features you need

  • Ease of use

    Our system is lightweight and easy to use, installation takes only minutes. We don't over complicate things, just plug in and press play.