The Mayson hotel Checkin desk

The Perfect Atmosphere

Welcome your guests with music that represents your brand and reflects the unique character of your hotel. Our music curation team can create a background music profile to help you engage and entertain your customers.

Curating the full experience.

Complement each space with separate music ‘zones’. 

Chilled out vibes in the lobby to make the check-in process more relaxing while the bar or lounge area can have a more lively atmosphere thanks to some higher energy music. Keep your hotel family friendly with an explicit lyrics filter to ensure clean and suitable music at all times.

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Why BeatMix.

Industry Experience

Our team of music experts will choose the right music for the correct area of the business i.e. lobby, restaurant, bar or gym. We’re out there on the ground every week, so we know exactly what works in any given situation.

Bespoke Playlist Scheduling

We schedule your music to change automatically and flow seamlessly between the different phases of business throughout the day/week. Its straightforward and easy to use, so you can focus on the customers. 

Supercharge the Atmosphere

Retain your customers til the early hours with a live DJ experience with BeatMix DJ. Take your atmosphere to the next level with our unique AI-powered DJ mixing functionality, ensuring razor-sharp mixing and a constant flow in tempo

Complete Control

An addition to the weekly schedule, specific playlists are curated for events or unexpected busy nights to give you control to boost atmosphere or change up the mood in an instant. We limit staff access to make sure your sound is always on brand.

Central Control

Maintain full control via our purpose-built manager app. Remove songs in real-time, print reports, request changes to scheduling, playlists & much more.

Reduce staff interference and allow a consistent soundtrack to your business.

Case Study.

The Dean Hotel Collection

The Dean Hotel was first established in 2014 on prolific Harcourt St in the heart of Dublin city centre. Owned and operated by hospitality giants, The Press Up Group, the hotel boasts design led, high spec modern rooms at affordable prices served up with genuine Irish hospitality. Within a short few years The Dean has firmly established itself as one of Dublin’s premier hotel destinations. 

With over 250 pieces of artwork, the collection throughout the hotel celebrates all types of artistic disciplines from urban to fine arts like photography, print and paint. This is truly a venue that understands the importance of the full sensory experience for their patrons.

BeatMix was enlisted to create the perfect soundtrack to match these strong artistic brand values, deep-rooted in artistic culture. The brief was to give the shock factor to the patron from the moment they entered the premises. Throughout our time working with the Dean, their sound has evolved to meet new trends, enabling them to consistently be at the forefront of musical innovation. The current front lobby sound is a mix of modern alternative styles with elements of Lo-fi, electronic and disco house, electronica and indie.

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